Digifort Explorer


Digifort Explorer

The Explorer version supplies the essential features for the local and remote surveillance of up to 16 cameras per server and by being the basic version of the Digifort System, it's ideal for small office / home office (SOHO) or in small businesses (SOHO), as it brings together a solution of high reliability, excellent performance and low cost.

Today, Digifort Explorer is used by clients who need a reliabile solution with few features, having as its main characteristics only the recording and surveillance of surveillance, not having various features such as PTZ and integration with the optional modules of Digifort, etc.

Based on usage by only 4 simultaneous users, it's used mainly in small condominiums, offices, small stores and small businesses in general.

Access to the system can be made from anywhere, at any time, using any means of comunication such as Internet or the local accessa network itself. Digifort Explorer's client/server architecture allos the access of an unlimited number of simultaneous connections to the server, allowing for configuration of the system in real time, as well as the remote surveillance of the images and the playback of stored video footage.

With Digifort Explorer, you will have a real solution for digital (IP) camera surveillance with the features that are adequate for your installation.

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