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SkyPilot® Connector

Broadband Wireless CPE


The SkyPilot Connector offers affordable client premise equipment (CPE) to connect to the backhaul network for broadband wireless subscribers. A key economic factor for any service provider is the capital and operating costs associated with deploying each new subscriber. SkyPilot Connector provides an essential tool to provision reliable service links and eliminate the ambiguity of indoor client device reception.

SkyPilot Connector CPEs are designed to keep both capital and operating expenditures in check with high performance backhaul technology that connects directly to the multi-hop SkyPilot network. Deployed on the exterior of business and residential buildings, SkyPilot Connector automatically self-provisions and configures upon establishing a link, then offers extensive options to define and manage per-user rate control and other class-of-service parameters. The subscriber receives the signal to their client station or network from the SkyPilot Connector via an Ethernet connection. The SkyPilot Connector is available in bundle packs to help lower the per-subscriber cost of deploying broadband wireless. See SkyPilot's distributors for pricing information.


SkyPilot Connector Features

  • Cost-effective CPE to reduce deployment CapEx investment
  • Seamless backhaul link with range up to 7.5 miles/12 km
  • Non-line of site (NLOS) using OFDM increases deployment flexibility and resilience
  • Tiered services supported through per-user rate control and QoS
  • Auto-discovery and provisioning reduces overall deployment OpEx
  • Remotely managed through the SkyPilot EMS application

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