SkyPilot Connector Pro


Business-Class Broadband Wireless CPE

he SkyPilot Connector Pro is customer premise equipment (CPE) designed for long-range connectivity to broadband wireless business subscribers. With its substantial link budget, the SkyConnector Pro ensures a resilient long-range broadband connection and features a high-gain antenna, high-power radio, OFDM modulation, AES encryption, and QoS capabilities to enable VoIP services.

The SkyPilot Connector Pro connects to a SkyPilot Gateway or SkyPilot Extender point-to-multipoint base station, which in turn can backhaul traffic through SkyPilot's patented synchronous multi-hop network. The SkyPilot Connector Pro is typically deployed on the exterior of a business or residential building and automatically self-provisions and configures upon establishing a link. Once connected, it provides an Ethernet connection to the subscriber and includes extensive options to define and manage per-user rate control and other quality-of-service parameters.

SkyPilot Connector Pro Features

  • Robust Connectivity – substantial link budget with 26 dBm radio and 22 dBi antenna
  • Low Cost – a per-unit MSRP as low as US$399
  • Long Range – wireless connectivity up to 7.5 miles/12 km from the base station
  • High Capacity – up to 13 Mbps of throughput
  • Non-Line of Sight – industrial-strength OFDM improves deployment flexibility and resiliency
  • Synchronous QoS – deterministic latency and jitter guarantees for applications like VoIP
  • Encrypted Security – hardware-based AES encryption
  • Frequency Flexibility – access to entire spectrum from 5.250-6.075 GHz
  • “Zero-Touch” Configuration – auto-discovery and auto-provisioning via SkyPilot EMS
  • Traffic Management– Layer 2 networking with per-subscriber rate limiting and VLANs

Part Number


Antenna Gain

Transmit Power


Link Budget


5.250-6.075 GHz

22 dBi

26 dBm

48 dBm

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