SkyPilot Connector DualBand


Long-Range Directional Wireless Backhaul Integrated with High-Power Wi-Fi Access Point

The SkyPilot Connector DualBand simplifies Wi-Fi coverage by offering a highly cost-effective way to deploy a remote Wi-Fi access point. As with all SkyPilot's infrastructure devices, the SkyPilot Connector DualBand integrates wireless backhaul that automatically discovers the network and self-configures with optimal modulation rate selection.

With public Wi-Fi access for municipal and broadband wireless applications, the ability to further refine and improve client connectivity can greatly improve take rate and return on investment. The SkyPilot Connector DualBand allows network designers and system installers to rapidly place high-power access points in locations where a full mesh may be unnecessary, and at significantly lower cost. Scaling the network becomes easier, particularly for deployments where SkyPilot Connector DualBand can make a significant contribution to reducing total cost of ownership.

SkyPilot Connector DualBand Features

  • Reduces cost of optimizing Wi-Fi coverage area
  • Highly integrated dual-radio/dual-frequency solution
  • Seamless backhaul link to SkyPilot backhaul network at up to 7.5 miles/12km
  • Dedicated Wi-Fi radio with high-power, high-gain omnidirectional antenna
  • Video Camera and other local IP device support via Ethernet interface
  • Auto discovery and provisioning when backhaul link is established

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