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Education is the cornerstone of any growing society. Protecting, maintaining and properly managing educational establishments is necessary to ensure the safety and longevity of each one. UNISOL International offers a wide spectrum of products in Electronic Security and Telecommunications that allows for the most efficient use of resources, increased security and the means to properly investigate any incidents.


Opportunities in IP Video


Far too often we hear about educations facilities that have been exposed to vandalism, violence or burglary. As a result, valuable resources are lost to cumbersome repairs and investigations. A network video solution enables educational establishments to focus on their core business – education. It also provides a future-proof and cost-efficient tool to increase the security for students and staff, prevent violence and theft, minimize the costs for vandalism, investigate incidents and identify suspects.

Securing indoor and outdoor facilities is easy with the broad range of cameras offered by UNISOL International. We’ll be sure to have the perfect system for hallways, corridors, class rooms, computer rooms, canteens, libraries, sports facilities, parking lots common areas, etc.

Contact our Sales Team to learn about the many other advantages to using IP Video surveillance in your educational system.

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Opportunities in IP Networking


School and universities have been leading adopters of both wireless technologies and high-capacity wired networks. The prevalence of multi-building campus settings and the regular need to connect off-campus buildings into the core LAN drives the use of metro fiber optic cabling and high-capacity point-to-point wireless links to provide ubiquitous high-capacity user access. In addition, the widespread use of Wi-Fi access hubs and security cameras across the campus drives the need for capacity that can be quickly and flexibly employed.

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Opportunities in IP Access Control


With the increasing security threats among educational institutions coupled with diminishing budgets and intense pressure to cut costs across all levels and departments, colleges and universities, as well as K-12 schools, must contemplate how to keep their campus safe without breaking the bank. Each school features its own set of ever-changing idiosyncrasies and unique challenges requiring flexible system architectures to satisfy each campus’ demands.

IP Access Control solutions from UNISOL International provide creative ways to leverage current infrastructures and serve the identification needs of all educational institutions and facilities. From offices to dorm rooms, we’ll be sure to have what your clients need.

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Opportunities in IP Videoconferencing


Videoconferencing solutions are not just for corporate board rooms anymore. According to Wainhouse Research, in April of 2009, it was estimated that almost 30,000 videoconferencing systems were located in U.S. schools, service centers, district offices, and departments of education according to Wainhouse Research. 80% of the individuals surveyed in this research also indicated that the classroom-based videoconferencing systems were helping their educator meet academic goals.

Videoconferencing systems allow students to connect with experts in any part of world, enjoy virtual field trips, work collaboratively from any distance and access previously unavailable courses. UNISOL International carries a variety of solutions from some of the industries’ top manufacturers.

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