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The construction industry is expected to grow 19 percent through the year 2018, compared with the 11 percent projected for all industries combined. This growth can be attributed to the expected increase in residential construction to accommodate a growing a population as well as the increasing demands on the transportation infrastructure which may include maintenance and expansion. Whether a company focuses on the construction of buildings, civil engineering or heavy construction, there are assets to protect, processes to monitor and communication to facilitate. UNISOL International distributes turn-key solutions to many of the telecommunications and electronic security needs of this industry.

Based on information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Opportunities in IP Video


Vandalism, theft, worker inefficiency and dishonest insurance claims are some of the risks that loom over project sites that lack surveillance systems and monitoring equipment. In order to minimize unforeseen project expenses and stolen tools or materials, IP Video surveillance systems can be integrated and remotely monitored from any location. Solutions are available that can be powered by solar and wind energy for any remote-location projects. Infrared and thermal video solutions can provide clear visibility in otherwise hopeless surveillance situations as well.

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Opportunities in IP Networking


With the growing use of mobile devices such tablets, laptops and internet-enabled phones to transmit important data and communications between work sites, a sturdy and cost-efficient wireless network is a must. IP Video surveillance systems also require an internet connection to stream live video to any device or monitoring center. UNISOL International carries a wide range of equipment prepared to emit high-speed wireless signals over great distances or between different structures.

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